After Camp


Camp Connections.


December 30th, 2017.

The amount of hospitality we have received from camp friends over the last few months has been overwhelming and it has basically inspired me to come out of blog-bernation to start writing again.

Planning your Post-Camp Travels.


October 23rd, 2016.

Who will you go with? Where will you go? How will you get there? Where to stay? Advice for when the time comes to plan your post-camp travels.

planeThe Reality of Returning Home from Camp

October 7th, 2016.

Here is the depressing/miserable/gloomy (insert any synonym for sad) reality of returning  home from summer camp…

line10 Things I Miss About Summer Camp.

September 24th, 2016.

So I’m (sadly) back in England, and I am already campsick. Here are 10 things I miss about camp…